Online Poker Tournaments Different Types

Different Types Of Online Poker Tournaments Explained

Playing poker is probably one of the oldest forms of gambling that we have. Throughout the years many pro players have gotten together to play against each other. These events were then backed by large companies and gave birth to poker tournaments. With the rise of technology, these tournaments can now also be enjoyed by the seasoned online poker player.

Freezeout and Rebuy Tournaments

Like some options in real online pokies being popular, a freezeout tournament is one of the most popular online poker tournaments. When you enrol in a freezeout poker tournament, you are given the opportunity to buy your chips at the beginning of the tournament. Once the buy stage is over you cannot buy chips again. All players then play the tournament until the last man wins. If you run out of chips during the tournament, you cannot buy more chips and you are out of the tournament.

A rebuy tournament works almost exactly in the same manner. In the beginning of the game, you buy your chips. There will then be a buy in stage during which you are able to buy more chips. Once these chips are done there will generally be one last phase in which you can buy more chips. However, once those chips that you have bought runs out, you are out of the game. The tournament continues until there is a winner.

Bounty Tournaments

These tournaments are all the rage. It is the most popular and most ruthless type of online poker tournament. The tournament works as a standard tournament and can be incorporated with a different style of tournament. For example, you could have a freezout bounty tournament. A tournament like this will then have the rules of a freezout and bounty tournament combined.

A bounty tournament is so popular because it gives the player the opportunity to make extra money. It has been described as ruthless because each player acts as a bounty hunter. For every player that you knock out of the game you will be rewarded a percentage of that players buy in chips. This percentage can range from anything between 20% and 50% of said players buy in. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Fifty50 Poker Tournament for Players


This tournament is one that you enter when you are confident in your capabilities as a pro-online poker player. The game ends when half of the players around the table are out of the game. In a game of 8 players, the game will end when four of the players are out of the game. This is why you need to be sure that you are seasoned player. You want to be in the final 4.

The prize pool well then also be split into half. As you have figured out by now, the tournament is called fifty50 for a reason. The first half of the prize pool will be divided equally amongst the four players that are left. The other half of the prize pool will then be divided amongst those same 4 players that remain, but according to the players chips that they have left on the table. Thus, creating an overall winner.