An Overview of Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound racing is a highly popular sports betting discipline for punters across various regions of the world.

With a diverse spread of betting possibilities, greyhound racing at Richmond allows for thrilling betting options, which is the next best-featured attraction after horse racing betting.

Greyhound Racing Overview

Greyhound racing has deeply rooted traditions, with the sport first emerging in England as far back as 1876.

In today’s modern era greyhound racing is a competitive, organized sporting discipline in which greyhound dogs are raced around a track like Richmond.

Greyhound racing incorporates two distinct types; coursing and track racing. Coursing is a more formal racing event with the dogs chasing a lure traditionally in the form of live bait.

The dogs are given the scent and the dog that hunts and kills the target, wins the race.

In track racing greyhound dogs are arranged behind gates and chase an artificial lure around a racetrack.

Greyhound track racing at Richmond is a highly competitive sport with environmental factors, trainers and other conditions playing crucial roles in the runners’ performance.

Richmond Track Specs

The optimal environment geared towards greyhound racing will delight punters at Richmond racing track.

Richmond has a circumference of 357 meters, the radius of turns equates to 52.7 meters and the width of the track is 7.3 meters.

Punters will be thrilled by the various distances run at Richmond track, with 330, 400, 535, 618 and 717 meter events respectively, Richmond racetrack manages to keep a diverse spread of featured racing events.

Accounting For Environmental Conditions

The track at Richmond consists of Loam soil, a rich earthly substance known for its soft yet binding nature. Punters should consider the composition of Loam soil in varying climates. Wet days could favour stronger and wider runners, however the soil-based surface could make it slippery.

Extreme cold weather could have a drying effect on the soil at Richmond punters may find that the grounds are more stable on cold winters nights, with the soil dry and more compacted.

Handicapping Greyhounds From Personal Experience

Punters in quest of more valuable bets should research the runners and their stats. With a well-informed standpoint punters can place more valuable bets. Bookmakers may provide greater odds on a dog that is less favoured.

With more intense research and the environmental factors accounted for, punters have the potential to handicap a greyhound over and above the bookmaker leading to potential big winnings at Richmond.

Developing a solid personal strategy requires practice, patience and perseverance. Keeping a record of your findings will ensure that the mapped courses and the dogs positions on these courses set future standard practices, for harness racing betting at Richmond and other tracks across the globe.

Racing Bets On All Platforms

With modern technology and the wide spread use of the Internet, betting on greyhound racing st Richmond and other tracks across the globe is simple and effective.

Punters have a vast assortment of technological platforms to make use of when laying wagers on track races.

With dedicated mobile apps sponsored by various online bookmakers, land based establishments, phone lines and television programming betting on greyhound racing at Richmond is convenient and easy.