Predicting The Future of Mobile Gaming

There is much speculation as to what lies in the future of the mobile gaming and online casino industry in Canada and the rest of the world, with the coming years continuously bringing new challenges for players, operators, suppliers and the gaming industry as a whole.

The mobile gaming industry is approaching something of a crossroads in a number of areas, whether it is from the spread of gaming on mobile devices to creating new experiences on the actual casino floor. Thus, it is forever necessary to look at the forecasted trends in order to appropriately prepare for what is next to come in the mobile gaming industry.

Sports Betting on the Rise

In a fast-paced society, it comes as no surprise that individuals from all over the world have come to enjoy betting on a thrilling, quick-paced sporting event. It appears that the appetite for sports betting in America has never been greater and will continue to increase over the years to come. In fact, the American Gaming Association released a survey that stated that 80% of Americans hope for legal sports betting within their state.

Fortunately, in Canada players are able to access any offshore NZ betting sites to engage in a choice of many exciting sports bets. Moreover, with most of the States looking to change their laws on gambling, mobile gaming is sure to see an increase in both Canada and the rest of America.

An Era of eSports

The eSports and Casino Reports conference that takes place in Las Vegas recently discussed how eSports has the ability to become a niche for gaming operators while creating revenue, excitement and attracting the much-needed millennial demographic.

The conference looked at the many different ways in which casino operators could entice eSports bettors due to the recent rise in popularity. This essentially promises a bright future for eSports and mobile gaming at large. There are still a large number of hurdles with regards to adding eSports betting to the already large menu of betting options at sportsbooks in Canada and the US.

One thing has been made exceptionally clear, however, more and more online casinos are looking to bridge the gap to millennials, and the mobile platform is certainly a good way to do so.

Skill-Based Gaming

Startup slot manufacturer, GameCo Inc., recently made online casino gaming history and produced the very first slot machine to have a return-to-player (RTP) with a variable that is based on a player’s skill. While more skill-based games continue to surface, one thing will remain the same – they will all have a carefully engineered combination of skill and chance.

These games are expected to hit the mobile gambling industry in an exceptionally positive way. There is no doubt that millennials are crazy about mobile devices and skilled-based gaming, as well as the fact that they are a prime target market in the online and mobile gambling industry. This essentially means that the future of mobile casino gaming could very well be wrapped up in skilled-based gaming.