What Are Skills-Based Slots and How To Play Them?

Everyone loves a good slot machine. We are all familiar with a plethora of slot machines, from the one arm bandit to the modern-day touch screen. In the past you used to simply seat yourself behind the slot, choose your bet and push a button. Making it the easiest game to play in the entire casino. Slots are evolving and now you can play at a skill level that is comfortable for you.

How Does A Skill Based Slot Work?

The reality is that many of us have already enjoyed these games without even knowing that we were playing what was considered a skill-based slot. The do not differ in looks to any other slot machines. In fact, for the most part of it, it is a regular slot just the millions that you have played before. From the moment you throw you money into it, you choose your bet and Robert is your mother’s brother.

The only difference is that somewhere in the game you will be given a bonus round. Generally, when this happens, you get to choose between free spins or the bonus round. When you select the bonus round, that is where the skills part comes into it. You are now taken to a second screen where you get to play a game that gives you the opportunity to win more money.

These bonus rounds will of course pertain to the type of game that you are playing on your slot. If you are playing a slot that has to do gorillas, the bonus round could feature a small game like the old Donkey Kong. You know have to defeat the game and when you do, you win extra cash. Very often you a lot of extra cash.

Why Skill Based Slots?

As stated previously, the traditional slot that we all love requires you only to choose one that you like. This can be based on the player return per spin, or it could be based on the aesthetic of the cage one. The latter happens far more than what you expect it too. With skill-based slots you become mor involved in the game and you feel like you are part of the game.

You no longer have to choose a game based on what it is that you think looks pretty. Now you can choose a game for its bonus round.  If you have a particular game that you enjoy like, jewels or snake, you can now choose a slot machine that has such a bonus round. The better you do at playing the bonus round, the better your win.

One of the biggest reasons, if not the biggest reason, for the design of this type of sot machine, was due to the younger demographic of people that casinos would like to attract to their floors. The younger generation of casino goers are used to playing gamed on their x-box, PlayStation or whichever console. These casino-based https://ausvegas.xyz/pokies/ where designed to be able to compete with those types of games, and offers the player some money.