Explaining Quorn Cup Horse Racing to Online Bettors

The town of Quorn came into existence at the time of the original surveying of the railway system in Australia. Quorn would eventually become the town at the junction of the Sydney-Perth and Adelaide-Darwin railway systems. When a hundred years later it lost all this railway traffic, when the railways were altered, Quorn had to rely on its other services to farmers, pastoralists rural industrialists for sustainability. Nowadays, as the gateway to the Flinders Ranges, the tourist industry has become an important additional revenue earner in the region and fundamental to the economy. The development of country horse racing, and the celebration of carnival days is drawing many visitors, not only from the region, but from all round the state, is becoming highly attractive tourist magnet and significant contributor to the local economy.

Increasing the attraction and publicity of the region, and due to the beautiful surroundings and climate, several films have been made in and around the town. The first, in 1949, was Bitter Springs followed by Kangaroo in 1951, Robbery Under Arms, The Sundowners and Sunday Too Far Away. Parts of Kangaroo and The Sundowners were also filmed at Corunna Station at the foot of Corunna Hills near Iron Knob.

Quorn Cup Day

Every year Quorn celebrates a day of fun, entertainment and country horse racing. The Quorn Cup Day affords this region a time to get together and celebrate great racing, great food and great entertainment. The Quorn Cup features a number of elements that punters would be interested in, including a full range of bookmakers and an on-course tote. Excellent food from the Lions association, liquid refreshments, children’s entertainment, a shuttle bus to the racecourse from railway station. The occasion, is part of the country racing circuit and therefore also features the Fashion on the Field competition, where the winner will secure a place in the Fashion at The Races Flinders Regional Final at the Port Augusta Cup.

The Quorn Cup is an open, handicap race that is run over 1900 metres for total prize money of $13 000. First place is $8750 and second is $2350. The date for the 2016 Quorn Cup is June 4, 2016. This is a change from the past, as the Quorn Cup had generally been held over the weekend of June 11.

Betting on the Horses

Australia loves horse racing. Rather they have loved horse racing for centuries. And with the great horse racing events scattered throughout the year it is easy to see why the love for the tracks has persisted and grown. Now with the country racing days betting scene in full swing and Australia’s top sports books some of the best around, the punting scene has flourished and betting has grown from a hobby into a potential passion. On top of this the purses and winnings on hand are constantly improving, so that the opportunities available, both physically at events like the Quorn Cup, as well as with the online bookmakers all available for punters’ benefit, the horse racing betting scene is becoming ever more attractive, and lucrative for the well-informed person of the sport.