Apple Or Android A Kiwi Favourite?

New Zealand is a regulated, legal gambling market. For this reason, there is a wealth of mobile gambling apps available for both Apple and Android devices, and if they are properly licensed, you can be relatively sure you are safe. Up till fairly recently, it was hard to find mobile gambling apps for Apple products, but this has changed in the last few years. However, the app selection is still not exactly the same, and of course the experience will be different on different devices. So which type of device do New Zealand players actually prefer for mobile gambling?

Android In The Lead

Before we even think specifically about mobile gambling, phones that use the Android operating system are the most popular worldwide, and New Zealand is no different. Worldwide, Android’s market share is more than six times that of Apple.

Android is not linked to any one particular carrier, so there are many different versions of it on the market on different devices. This makes androids cheaper, and users also like the openness of Android products – you can get apps from anywhere from an Android device. However, this does make Android slightly less secure, but users seem to be gravitating towards openness and affordability over safety.

Of course, Apple is still huge – after all, they are not just an operating system like Android, but a brand of device. So from the viewpoint of device vendors, Apple is hugely successful. However, it is still beaten by Samsung.

What About The Future?

As smartphones and tablets become more affordable and accessible over time, they become more and more popular. New Zealanders in particular seem to love their mobile devices – experts predict that by 2018, 90% of New Zealanders will have a smartphone and 78% will own a tablet. It is also predicted that Apple’s popularity will continue to fall in comparison with Android, as Android devices become more and more affordable but Apple products remain pricey.

Play From Any Platform

When it comes to actually playing on mobile online gambling apps, the experience will be different on whatever device you have. You cannot tell everything from market statistics, as some people may actually prefer Apple devices but go for the cheaper Android options out of necessity.

The choice comes down to the general experience of the device, and the app selection over security. Apps from the App Store tend to be more secure as they all have to be vetted, but a wider variety of apps is available via Android devices. Some users like the customizability of Android devices, while others like the smoothness of the Apple experience.

A few years ago, Android would have been the clear choice, but today, there are a wealth of options of mobile gambling apps for both Apple and Android. The choice appears to be a personal one, and while both are popular, New Zealanders definitely seem to prefer Android. The good news is that whether you have an Apple or an Android device, your mobile gambling needs are fully covered.