Enjoy Cash Crazy Slot by Microgaming with Us

Cash Crazy is an online slot game that follows the early tradition of three reels and one payline. A small but important departure from the classic no-frills format is the game’s Wild symbol that can also act as a multiplier.

The game’s coin values can be set within a range between 0.25 and 5.00. Players can bet either one or two coins per spin, with the minimum bet per spin being a low 0.25, and the maximum bet being 10.00.

The theme of the game, borne out in various graphics, including the interface and the Wild symbol, is that of a crazy inventor who has evidently built a machine to make money. In some parts of the real world, he would not be referred to as an inventor as much as a counterfeiter.

Playing Cash Crazy

To play Cash Crazy, the player first needs to use the increase or decrease buttons to set the value of the coins. Once they’ve set on a denomination from the available range, they need to set the game to bet one or two coins per spin.

Those two initial preparations complete, the player then needs to click the Spin button. The three reels will spin, and when they have come to a stop, the symbol combination that appears on the payline will be matched against the pay table. If it matches one of those combinations, the player will receive a payout.

Reel Symbols Used in Cash Crazy

The Microgaming online slot Cash Crazy features several reel symbols that are regarded as classics in the genre, as well as one symbol directly linked to the game’s theme.

The lower value symbols include single BARS and cherries, while double and triple BARS offer medium payouts. Sevens and the crazy inventor are the top-paying symbols, with the inventor having the additional distinction of being the Wild multiplier.

Payout amounts depend on whether players have bet one or two coins. The lowest payouts are offered for any three bars, or for any one or two cherries, while three cherries offer 20 or 40 coins, and three single BARS offer 10 or 20 coins.

If three double BARS appear on the Cash Crazy reels, they pay out either 25 or 50 coins, and three triple BARS pay out either 50 or 100 coins. Three sevens on the reels pay out either 100 or 200 coins.

If players bet one coin and manage to land three Wild symbols on the payline, they will receive a jackpot payout of 800 coins. If players bet two coins and land this combination on the payline, they will receive a 1600 coin jackpot. The Wild does not act as a multiplier if it forms a jackpot-paying combination.

Cash Crazy Wild Symbol

That Cash Crazy online slot has a Wild multiplier symbol is significant, and adds a certain amount of authenticity to the title of the game. As a Wild, the crazy inventor symbol has the unique ability to substitute for the slot’s other reel symbols, thereby potentially helping to create more winning combinations.

If the Wild helps form a paytable combination by substituting itself for another symbol, it also acts as a 4x multiplier. This means that the payout of that combination will be quadrupled.