Gunslingers Gold Online Slot Review for Players

The Gunslingers Gold slot machine game is powered by Lighting Box Software, and offers a standard online gambling experience. It uses typical slot machine rules, based around a Wild West theme. It does not make use of the higher quality graphics and sound of some other online slot machines, but still provides a reliably entertaining experience. This game may be played for real money, or for free, as the player prefers. If you would like to play for real money, simply ensure that you are logged into your account, and that play funds are available.

Available Play Platforms

The Gunslingers Gold slot machine game is available to play on multiple platforms, as the player prefers. It may be downloaded on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, and will operate perfectly via a touch screen since the buttons and user interface have been designed for a one touch system.

Plus, with bold, easily recognisable symbols and graphics, even smaller phone screens are suitable. In order to play on your phone, simply download the game application, allow it to automatically install, and tap the game’s icon to get started. If you prefer to play on home computer and laptop, the game is equally well optimised.

A mouse may be used to navigate, and there is even the advantage of not having to download the game in order to play. You need simply open the game in your favourite browser, such as Google Chrome and Internet explorer, and the game will instantly load required files. If, however, you find that the game is not opening correctly, please ensure that you have the Flash software installed on the computer. Flash may be updated or installed for free, and will automatically plug into your browser.

Standard Playing Symbols

In the Gunslingers Gold slot machine game the symbols are based around a traditional Wild West theme. They include the ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of playing cards, as well as a number of picture symbols. The picture symbols are a sack of gold, a cowboy boot, a sheriff’s badge, a pipe smoking cowboy, and a horse riding cowboy. The playing cards have the lowest value in the slot. The horse riding cowboy, however, is the most valuable, and will provide a considerable payout if matched with itself five times in a sequence. Take note of the bull symbols and free spins symbols, which provide bonus features.

Special Symbols and Bonuses

In the Gunslingers Gold slot game the bull symbol acts as a wild card. This means that the symbol may create a winning sequence with any other set of symbols. For example, two ace symbols may match with a bull, which will create a winning sequence, left to right, of three aces. There is also a free spins symbol, represented by a circular arrow, that will grant a free spins sequence if matched with itself at least three times. Note that more free spins may be added and compounded, if further free spin symbols are matched during the free spin sequence. For more information about the matching sequences check out the menu option, and game information link.