Play Online Craps for Real Money with Our Simple Guide

For many people, playing casino games online provides a unique opportunity to try out many of the casino games that they would normally avoid in a live casino. Because players can choose to play any online casino game for free, players can try out all those high risk games and hone their skills before actually putting down any money.

Craps is a game most people are familiar with. Played in almost every casino around the world, it is a dice game that always attracts a crowd. Online craps has become extremely popular with millions of people all over the world logging on to play for free and for real money. In the notes below we are going to explain how the online version of craps works and how to get started playing online.

The Basics of Craps

If you have never had the opportunity to play a game of craps, there is no need to worry. The basic concept of the game is really quite simple. In essence, craps is a dice game where the outcome of the game is based on the simple roll of a dice. With online craps, the game begins with the player (called a shooter) placing his bet.

The player then starts the game by throwing a set of virtual dice. This first roll is called the come-out roll.  Based on the combined number from both dice, three things can happen. The player either wins the game, loses the game or gets to play for a few more rounds.

Making the Point

In online craps, after the come-out roll, if the dice totals either 7 or 11, the shooter automatically wins the game and collects the payout. If the numbers on the dice total 2, 3 or 12, it is called (craps) and the shooter loses. If the player/shooter rolls either 4,5,6,8,9,10 he has made “the point number” and the game continues.

From this point, the shooter is trying to roll that same point number again, but if he rolls a 7 first he loses the game and his bet. Once a player has won, or lost, the game starts over with the player placing his bet and rolling the dice again for the come-out roll.

Betting in Craps

Craps is a game where the actual betting can become quite complicated. For online casino fans, it is not necessary to know all of the intricate betting options in order to play and enjoy the game. This being said, there are some bets such as the (Pass-line bet) and the (come bet) that every player should know before they play for real money. As with any online casino game, players must always have a clear idea of the risks involved before committing to putting down their cash. Players should only play what they are willing to lose in the first place. For those who are new to online craps, it is a good idea to practice playing for free where you can hone your skills and practice all the betting options needed to become a successful craps player.