Royalty Pokies from Aristocrat on your iPhone

Aristocrat, which is also known by its full name of Aristocrat Leisure Limited, is an Australian company that manufactures gambling machines. They are actually the largest manufacturer of gambling machines in all of Australia with additional offices in the United States of America as well as Russia and South Africa. On top of that, they are the second largest manufacturer of slot machines on the entire planet. The only other company that makes more gambling machines than Aristocrat is a United States based company called International Gaming Technology.

The history of this company is very interesting in that, unlike some other companies, they have been producing gambling machines since the 1950s. This was long before the development of iPhone Aristocrat games or even mobile phones for that matter.

In 1996, the company was publically listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and grew exponentially. They now have the license to send slot machines and various other gaming devices and products in more than two hundred jurisdictions.

Other than the traditional slot machines, Aristocrat also makes the computer systems that run slot machines and computer and mobile games. These mobile games include iPhone Aristocrat games. They also make table games that are electronic as well as various jackpot systems.

iPhone Aristocrat Games

One of the most popular iPhone Aristocrat games and probably the most popular slot made by Aristocrat is the Queen of the Nile game. It has an Egyptian theme and is popular among mobile, online and brick and mortar casino players. Another popular game in their line-up is the Cash Express slot and the Jackpot Carnival slots.

The reason these slots are so popular is a built in mechanism that allows for a very large and progressive jackpot that is linked between several machines. The number of machines is normally between four and twelve but there is actually a maximum of two hundred and fifty six machines that can all be linked up at once with the Aristocrat jackpot system. This is very appealing to players as the various machines all feed into the large jackpot so the amount in the jackpot can grow quite rapidly and each player on those machines has an equal chance of winning that big progressive jackpot at the best Aristocrat pokies online.

Mobile Slot Games Versus Real Life

There are some differences between casino pokies games games, such as iPhone Aristocrat games, and the same game played at a slot in a brick and mortar casino. One of the differences is the actual machine that players play on. While an iPhone and iPhone App enabled devices tend to be quite small for a convenience factor, the slot machines available at most casinos are full sized gaming machines. A player at a brick and mortar establishment has the luxury of sitting in front of a full sized screen and experiencing all of the lights and glitz that come along with it. However, a mobile option allows the player to play the game almost anywhere they can imagine. They do not have to frequent a gambling establishment in order to play, and can simply play from the comfort of their own home or office.