Snake Eyes and Craps Bets

For many people, online casinos offer the perfect blend of slots games and classic casino table games. The main advantage of playing casino games online is that players can play for free or for real money at any time. This means players can try their hand at complicated games like craps or poker without worrying about how much they are losing in the process. As such, craps has become increasingly popular with many people logging to try their hand at this classic dice game. In craps, terms like Snake Eyes and pass line bets can get a bit confusing. In the notes below we explore the basic terms and betting options of craps.

Throwing Snake Eyes in Craps

For those players who are new to the game, craps is a dice game where the outcome of the game is decided by a roll of the dice. The game itself has a number of different betting options and terms that can seem a bit overwhelming at first. To start off, we are going to explore the meaning of the term Snake Eyes. This actually refers to a pair of dice in any casino dice game that when thrown lands on two. Each dice shows up the number one making two dots. This is also called double craps. This roll is believed to be bad luck and resembles a pair of eyes which is possibly where the name originated.

Pass Line Craps Bets

In craps, Snake Eyes can be good or bad depending on the type of bet placed at the beginning of the game. For most players, the best way to start betting in craps is with a simple pass line bet. This is a bet where players are essentially playing for the point number. Once the bet is placed on the table, the player (called the shooter) throws the dice on the table. This is called the come out roll. If the player rolls a 7 or 11, the player immediately wins their best NBA bets with at payout of 1:1.  If the player rolls a 2 (snake eyes), 3 or 12, the player loses their bet. If any of the other numbers are rolled, this is called the point number.

Don’t Pass Bets

Once players have established the point number, they will try and role the same point number in order to win their bet. If however they roll a 7 first, they will lose their bet. The second type of bet is called the don’t pass bet. Here players are betting that the shooter will not make the point number. In a don’t pass bet, after the come out roll is thrown, Snake Eyes (2) will win as will 3. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, they will lose their bet. If any of the other numbers are rolled, the shooter is then trying to roll a 7 before they roll the point number again. The don’t pass bet is not a popular bet in craps as it is not considered good luck to bet against the shooter.