Boule offers Simple Online Entertainment

Boule, literally meaning ball in French, is another popular casino game that has been thrust into the ever-growing pool of online casino games available to players from all over the world.

The layout of online boule is very similar to that of Roulette, in that it is played with a wheel and ball. The wheel consists of 36 numbered holes in either red black or yellow, however in boule, these holes are numbered one to nine consecutively. This means you are around 4 times more likely to land on a chosen number in boule than in roulette.

Easy to Understand Betting Structure

Betting in boule occurs much the same way as roulette too. You can choose to bet on a single number, a colour, odd and even numbers and even low and high groupings, 1 to 4 for low and 5 to 9 for high. The number 5 in Boule is yellow takes the place of the 0 or 00 found in roulette, and as it is also found four times on the wheel, your chances of winning when betting on it are also greatly improved.

Betting in online boule is also very simple. You may choose to bet on one outcome or place multiple bets to diversify your betting layout and increase the odds of a win. After bets are placed, the ball is launched into the spinning wheel. Once the ball has stopped in a specific numbered hole, winners are paid out and the game starts again.

Easy Payout Structure for Streamlined Play

The payout structure in online Boule is also very easy to understand. It can vary slightly, but generally sticks to the traditional multiples where all single number bets are paid out at a rate of 7 to 1 and all other winning bets including high, low, odd, even, red and black are paid at a rate of 1 to 1.

There are also a few advantages of online boule over roulette for australian players. In boule the chances of a single number bet coming up are relatively high, so with a few good rolls and a bit of luck you can increase your credits exponentially in no time. You can also try offsetting any losses on these by betting on a safer option such as odd or even and low and high at the same time. Some players seem to notice patterns with regard to where the ball lands so they can bet accordingly for a win.

Play for Free or For Keeps

The simplicity of online boule to play and understand makes it a very attractive option for newbies to the online gaming world, but also attracts more seasoned players and of course it’s die-hard fans. Most web sites use flash to run their games too, so almost all devices are supported, from your phone to your laptop or tablet. This format also results in smoother gameplay with little change of lag or buffering with a good Internet connection. A quick search will pull up a list of online boule providers; with many offering free play to get you started, so you can get your rhythm going before playing for real wins.