A Quick Look at Land Based Casino and Hotel – Fitzgerald

Perhaps more popularly known as the Fitz this is a land based casino and hotel located in Tunica. Renowned for their fine hotel rooms and amenities as well as there substantial casino gaming this is definitely a prestigious establishment. For players looking to find some form of casino gaming, the CasinoFitzgerald can be the place for them, boasting some impressive selections and plenty of diverse gaming possibilities.

With online gaming what it has become today, land based casino’s around the world have taken a considerable hit. To compete with the accessibility and ease of use of online gaming is practically impossible at this stage, but for a land based casino there is more to offer then just the gaming experience. There’s the atmosphere and overall experience of such a resort, making the whole process one big adventure. Besides, with a motto like the one CasinoFitzgerald has, Luck Lives Here, the focus of this group seems to be on the players and the games they want to play.

The CasinoFitzgerald Hotel and Casino Offering

The Fitz casino has grown its popularity as a reliable source of land based gaming, by offering players a great experience, both whilst gaming and whilst not. But to get a better picture at just exactly what’s on offer, a closer look at what the specs of the establishment represents. First off, the hotel and lodging scene here at the CasinoFitzgerald is quite impeccable.

There are over 500 rooms at this hotel and these are connected to the casino gaming services on offer in an easy and readily accessible way. On top of this there are bonus amenities here, like dog friendly rooms, rooms overlooking the Mississippi river and other more classic amenities like Jacuzzis and fitness equipment and pools. This makes the stay here quite relaxing and enjoyable regardless of the casino gaming operation at hand.

The casino aspect of this establishment is also pretty high end and features a goodly mix of different and unique games like slots and table game classics. The full specifications of this CasinoFitzgerald is some 1000 slot machines and around 20 table games, but it isn’t just the actual gaming on offer that’s impressive. The atmosphere in the casino and hotel is what drives players to this locale to game, and as the casino themselves say, this is one of the friendliest places to play. Not only this but the games available are up to date and feature some of the more modern releases so players won’t feel left behind whilst playing these games in one of the more preferable ways to play it.

CasinoFitzgerald Land Based Versus Online

Clearly the offering from the CasinoFitzgerald and hotel is pretty substantial, but how does it really compare with the easy access of online casino gaming. Well in the long run, pretty well actually. Because despite the advantages of online play, land based casinos will always have that classic casino atmosphere as well as the hands on reality of casino gaming, and so if not always a viable option, land based casino gaming is still one of the more visually gratifying, and so will always have a place for players.