Make the Most from Free Spin Games

Playing Slots games online and offline is popular all over the world, thanks to the immediate action and rewards they deliver. To get the most from their leisure time, players owe it to themselves to find out as much as they can about the games and special promotions they offer. It is true that there are more options in the digital arena, but one of the perks that almost every machine, both online and offline, offers today is the chance to play Free Spins Rounds.

How Free Spins Rounds Work

The Free Spins Rounds are different to the Bonuses that are given to members signing up to a casino site, or those that are given to existing members to reward them and to keep them from being tempted by competing sites offering real money blackjack games in Canada. These Free Spin rounds are Bonus Games that are triggered from with the base games of the Slots machines themselves.

Novel variations of the Free Spins games are released from time to time, but in general they follow the same basic structure. They are launched when certain symbols or configurations appear on the reels, which may be quite easy to obtain or be very difficult, depending on the game. For example, in Video Slots games Free Spin Bonus Rounds are usually triggered by a specific symbol called a Scatter Symbol (its specific design will tie in with a game’s theme) appearing on the reels. Sometime this will trigger the round simply by appearing 3 time anywhere on the reels, and sometimes it might have to appear on certain reels at the same time to activate the Free Spins.

The number of Free Spins a player is awarded varies from game to Canadian casino games, and some games even allow players to choose between a few options. In general, the fewer free turns a player gets, the more other advantages there are. These can come in the form of more Wilds on the reels during the Free Spins, special Sticky Wilds or Stacked Wilds during the free rounds, higher multipliers for less spins, or anything else game designers can think of. Free Spins are usually played to the same amount that was bet on the spin that triggered them, so it’s a good idea to always bet the maximum wager allowed if possible. At the end of the Free Spins Rounds players are returned to the base game and all Bonus winnings are added to the prize total.

Retriggering Free Spins

It’s possible to reactivate Free Spins Rounds, often indefinitely, from within the rounds themselves. This is usually done by lining up the same symbols in the same numbers as those that activated the first lot of Free Spins, and will award a certain number of additional Free Spins. Players should check the pay table to find out if the game they are interested in does feature this retrigger feature. Watching wins pile up and knowing they haven’t been paid for is very satisfying and lucrative for players, and can take their winnings to the next level.