Get Fruity Slot Guide for Casino Players Online

The Get Fruity slot machine game, created by Lightning Box Studios, is a classic online game, following all the most traditional slot machine rules. There are almost no bonuses and special features, but the purity of the experience will appeal to fans of retro old fashioned design. Graphics and sound are highly understated, including symbol images that fit with earliest slot machine designs.

As a result the game is incredibly small, meaning no load times or large downloads, and game play very stream lined, allowing for quick spins that are not bogged down by flashy effects or unnecessary animations.  This game is available for all play platforms, including mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

Get Fruity – How To Play

The Get Fruity slot machine game abides by the most basic slot machine rules. Using a five reel, twenty five line play system, there are no additional rules of any kind to soil the purity of the slot machine experience.

The player must first decide on an initial amount, and how many play lines they would like to bet on. This can be changed via the options menu. Once a bet is accepted, and the play lines decided upon, the reels can then be spun via the appropriate button, which is located on the right of the screens. Upon the reels stopping, matching sequences are automatically created, and valid payouts given. Note that sequences are matched from left to right in the play area. Once payouts are made, the player may then again adjust the bet and play lines, and take as many additional spins as they would like. If you would like more detailed information about this game, or about how winning sequences are created, please check out the full paytable that can be accessed via the games interface.

Fruity Reel and Symbol Designs

Reflecting some of the original design choices of slot machines, The Get Fruity slot machine game uses fruit as its primary design choice. The designs include cherries, a plum, a lemon, a bell, a seven, one bar, two bars, and triple bars. The written words Get Fruity are of highest standard value, while the cherries have the lowest value. For biggest wins the player should aim to match the get fruity symbol with itself at least three times, and up to a maximum of five times. Take note that in this game some symbols payout even if matching with themselves only twice.

Fruity Special Symbols

In the Get Fruity Slot machine game there are only two symbols that have special features. These are the joker symbol, and the free spins symbol. The joker symbol, represented by a jester’s hat, is a wild card, and may allow matching sequences where none are otherwise possible. For example, two cherries may be matched with a joker symbol to create a winning sequence o three cherries. Likewise, two joker symbols may match with two cherries to create a winning sequence of four cherries. The second special symbol is the free spins symbol. If three of these symbols are matched, up to a maximum of five in a match, free spins are granted to the player.